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CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

  • CNR
  • Istituto di Tecnologie Industriali ed Automazione
  • Italy

The National Research Council is a public organization, focused on the promotion, the diffusion and the improvement of research activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and on their application in order to enhance the scientific, technological, economic and social development of the Country.
The Institute for Industrial Technologies and Automation (ITIA) is an applied R&D centre, focused on such themes as machine tools, production systems for different sectors, as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality application for products, processes and Factory Design. According to ManuFuturing paradigm, ITIA works on a new concept of Factory; in particular the research centre is applying new technologies on the product life cycle and on the production going through the Digital and Virtual Factory. In this perspective ITIA started applying the VR on a single machine or single products, bringing Virtual and Mixed Reality to the various production phases applicable for SMEs.
ITIA, that has managed the largest Growth project of the FP5 (EUROShoE), developed a long experience in managing national and international consortiums.


» National Research Council

» Institute for Industrial Technologies and Automation


  • Marco Sacco

    Project Manager He is Responsible for the Virtual Lab at ITIA-CNR. He has been coordinator of 3 EU projects in the area of Virtual and Augmented reality and simulation and manager for ITIA of 20 research projects.

  • Claudia Redaelli

    Dissemination Manager She works for ITIA-CNR as dissemination and communication manager and human factors specialist. She holds a university degree in Foreign Languages and Literature with a specialization in Cross-Cultural Psychology.