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CIID - Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

  • CIID
  • Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
  • Denmark
Leader of Research Field

The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design is an integrated structure focused on the area of Interaction and Service Design. The Institute, that is a recognized leader in the field, incorporates education, research and consultancy activities. By encouraging the development of a cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment, CIID works on new research models that interface with both academia and industry, in order to elaborate innovative products, services and technology.

CIID identifies future needs through design and research methods. By looking at topics from a human perspective, we work with stakeholders to co-create valuable solutions for genuine needs. Research with real people helps identify opportunities for ideas in new and emerging markets.

The School and Research Lab at CIID provides a platform for a strong post graduate program and innovative practice-based research work. The Research Lab in particular explores the use of technology in communication and new ways of learning. The Consultancy is focused on the development of real-world ideas and on the enhancement of projects with a wide range of international and domestic clients. In these years CIID has managed to build lasting relations with significant private and public partners within ICT, Health Care, Public Administrations and Cultural Institutions, including Novo Nordisk, Intel, Velux, the Copenhagen Commune, and a Consortium of Danish Libraries. 



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  • Jamie Allen

    RF05 Leader Jamie Allen is Head of Research at CIID and directs the strategy and focus of research and experimentation at the institute.

  • Jakob Bak

    . He is Research and Project Manager at CIID. He holds a M.Sc.Eng in Design & Innovation from the Danish Technical University (DTU).

  • David Gauthier

    . He is a Researcher and his work and teachings explore innovative use of technologies as a mean to probe and develop future scenarios involving humans and machines.