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MeLa Management

The MeLa organization structure intends to safeguard effective co-operation amongst the members of the Consortium, and to guarantee the production of high quality results throughout the Project.

The Project is managed by the Project Management Board. With the support of the Project Manager, the Board is responsible for the development of the Project and for the high-level technical coordination between the working groups. The Board is chaired by the Project Coordinator (PC).

The Project is organized in different Research Fields (RF) which are managed by the Research Field Leaders Board. The responsability for the quality of the work developed within each Research Field is assigned to the Research Field Leaders, and it is controlled by the Technical Manager who, with the support of the Production and Dissemination Committee, is also responsible for the overall quality of the Project.

Management Figures

  • Luca Basso Peressut

    Project Coordinator (PC) The PC is the legal entity acting as liaison between the Consortium and the European Commission; he monitors and coordinates the Consortium and its activities and he is the ultimate responsible of the Project. The PC chairs the PMB.

  • Marco Sacco

    Project Manager (PM) The PM is responsible for managing the Project planning and the monitoring of the Project activities, supporting the Project Coordinator to communicate with the EC and coordinating the internal communication within the Consortium.

  • Gennaro Postiglione

    Technical Manager (TM) The TM is responsible for the technical aspects of the Project monitoring the coherence of WPs activities and assuring the quality of Project documentation, communication and dissemination. The TM chairs the P&DC and the WPLB.

MeLa Boards

  • Project Management Board

    Project Management Board

    The Project Management Board (PMB) is composed by the representatives of each Partner. It is chaired by the Project Coordinator, and supervised by the Project Manager. The PMB is in charge of the overall direction of the Project, including the possibility to propose and approve major changes in the work plan and to define a new Project structure in response to particular situations, such as budget shifts, changes in the Consortium composition, or problems in the development of the Project tasks. members
  • Work Package Leaders Board

    Work Package Leaders Board

    The Work Package Leaders Board (WPLB) is composed by the Leaders that are responible for each Research Field. The Board, that is chaired by the Technical Manger, is in charge of the management, research, production and dissemination related to the Research Fields, as well as of the coordination of each Research Field activities. It is also meant to guarantee communication, interaction and collaboration among the different Research Fields and among all the participants.
  • Production & Dissemination Committee

    Production & Dissemination Committee

    The Production and Dissemination Committee (P&DC), chaired by the Technical Manager, is composed by the Project Coordinator, the Project Manager and three representatives of the Partners. It is meant to control the overall quality of the production and dissemination of the Project, by monitoring deliverables, supporting and supervising the production of documents and other materials related to the Project results, and by contributing to the definition of Project events. members