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Giulia Grechi


Giulia Grechi
Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale" - DSUS
Research Fellow


Giulia Grechi holds a PhD in “Theory and Social Research” from the University of Rome “La Sapienza.” She teaches “PhotographySocial Communication” at the School of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan), and “Cultural Anthropology” and “Sociology of Communication” at the European Institute of Design (IED, Rome), where she is also co-coordinator and Professor of the MA in “Museum and Events Curation: Contemporary Arts and Performing Arts.”

Her research interests include Anthropology, Cultural and Post-colonial Studies, with a focus on contemporary art and representations of the body. She is editor-in-chief of the online journal roots§routesresearch on visual culture and works in a team of independent curators based in Rome, the Routes Agency. She is a research member of the MeLa* RF02 “Cultural Memory, Migrating Modernities and Museum Practices.”

Selected publications:

Grechi, Giulia. 2010. La rappresentazione incorporata. Una etnografia del corpo tra stereotipi coloniali e arte contemporanea. Roma-Catania: Bonanno Editore.

Grechi, Giulia. 2012. “The Museum of European Normality. Contemporary Art and the Visual Construction of European Identity”. In Cultural Memory, Migrating Modernities and Museum Practices, edited by Beatrice Ferrara, 47-71. Milano: Politecnico di Milano DPA.

Grechi, Giulia. 2013. “Counter-monument and anti-monument: the absolute impatience of a desire of memory”. In Re-enacting the Past. Museography for Conflict Archaeology, edited by Michela Bassanelli, Gennaro Postiglione, 288-305. Siracusa: Letteraventidue (texts: English/Italian). [forthcoming]