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Agency, Ambivalence, Analysis

Research Field
Author Ruth Noack (ed.)
Category Books
Publication date February 2013
Noack, Ruth, ed. 2013. Agency, Ambivalence, Analysis. Approaching the Museum with Migration in Mind. Milan: Politecnico di Milano.

This research publication offers 15 essays which contribute towards building an argument about the role of museums in a migratory society, taking into account artistic practices, collections, exhibition – and audience – making. It is argued that artistic practices can give us valuable leads as to how museums should forge their policies, that the empirical studies of audiences show that contemporary approaches to audience building result neither in integration nor equal treatment of migrants, and that it is worth looking at questions of migration through the lens of museum display and collection. With contributions by: John Barker, Roger M. Buergel, Clare Carolin, Clémentine Deliss, Andrew Dewdney , Branislav Dimitrijević, Geneviève Frisson, Gangart, Ays¸e Güleç, Clemens Krümmel, Pablo Lafuente, Kristen Marek, Carmen Mörsch, Peter Osborne, and Victoria Walsh.

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