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Transfigurations: Curatorial and Artistic Research in an Age of Migrations

Research Field
Authors Victoria Walsh, Paul Goodwin, Pamela Sepulveda (eds.)
Category Books
Publication date June 2014
Walsh, Victoria, Paul Goodwin, and Pamela Sepulveda, eds. 2014. Transfigurations: Curatorial and Artistic Research in an Age of Migrations. London: Royal College of Art.

The volume marks an important research milestone in the investigation led by the Royal College of Art about the relevance and strategic value of the Curatorial and Artistic Research in this “age of migrations”. The book explores how globalisation, digital media and changing patterns of migration affect our understanding and experience of the contemporary work of art, how artists are engaging with curators to think about the condition of the contemporary through their work, its display and collection, and how curators are working with new forms of artistic production, display, collection and archive. In particular, these issues are investigated through the outcomes of five collaborative projects – by artists Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Leo Asemota, Kader Attia, Camille Henrot and Quinsy Gario – which were staged at MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona) in June 2014.

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