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MeLa RF05 Final Brochure: Exhibition Design, Technology of Representation and Experimental Actions

Research Field
Author Research Field 05
Category Document
Publication date March 2015
MeLa Research Field 05 exploited a design-based research methodology with the aim to develop new museum practices, and test the theoretical outcomes produced by other MeLa Research Fields. On the one hand, it investigated the potentialities of innovative curatorial approaches and the role of Information and Communication Technologies for contemporary museums and exhibitions. On the other, it explored new research tools for the Social Sciences and Humanities, with the aim to foster the coalescence of theory and practice, to enable inter-disciplinary exchanges and to nurture collaborative models. These tasks resulted in the implementation of several experimental actions, and in the design of different prototypes for the production and sharing of the knowledge produced by the Project, eventually ensuing in the MeLa Critical Archive.

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