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Placing Migration in European Museums

Research Field
Authors Christopher Whitehead, Susannah Eckersley, Rhiannon Mason Category: Books
Category Books
Publication date November 2012
Whitehead, Christopher, Susannah Eckersley, and Rhiannon Mason. 2012. Placing Migration in European Museums: Theoretical, Contextual and Methodological Foundations. Milan: Politecnico di Milano DPA.

How might we understand and study museum representations pertaining to place, identity and migration in contemporary Europe? This question is addressed in this book, which is the first of a series produced by researchers at Newcastle University in the context of the EC-funded project ‘European Museums in an Age of Migrations’ (MeLa). The book sets out the theoretical and methodological premises for Research Field 1 of the MeLa Project. This Research Field focuses on Museums and Identity in History and today, and will develop policy-relevant arguments concerning the cultural significance of place within museum representations for questions of contemporary European identities and notions of citizenship.

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