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European Crossroads

Research Field
Author Perla Innocenti
Category Books
Publication date November 2012
Innocenti, Perla, ed. 2012. European Crossroads: Museums, Cultural Dialogue and Interdisciplinary Networks in a Transnational Perspective. Milan: Politecnico di Milano DPA.

This volume collects a series of essays and interviews exploring diverse European perspectives on interdisciplinary collaborations between cultural institutions. International scholars and practitioners discuss cross-domain partnerships, cultural identity and cultural dialogue, heritage for the arts and sciences, European narratives, migration and mobility, and describe real-life case studies in museums, libraries, foundations, associations and online portals. With contributions by and interviews with: Joan Abella, Agnes Arquez Roth, Janine Burger, Mela Davila, Sergio Dogliani, Helene du Mazaubrun, Annette Friberg, Fabienne Galangau, Michel Guiraud, Els Jacob, Jean Patrick Leduc, Pompeo Martelli, Perla Innocenti, Laurence Isnard, Ellen McAdam, Jan Molendijk, Antonio Perna, Anne Solene Rolland, Sreten Ugričić, and Katherine Watson.

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