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Designing Multivocal Museums

Research Field
Author Research Field 05
Category Books
Publication date January 2016
Capurro, Rita, and Eleonora Lupo. eds. 2016. Designing Multivocal Museums. Intercultural Practices at Museo Diocesano, Milano. Milan: Politecnico di Milano.

This book presents the findings of the experimental action promoted at Museo Diocesano di Milano by the research team at Design department of Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with the ITIA Department of the Italian National Research Council. The experimental action was intended to test the potentialities of digital and mobile technologies in supporting the disclosure of multicultural perspective on museum experiences on religious asset.
The museum experience puts together many relevant issues for the renewal of museum interpretation, using a design discourse to explore the combination of technological tools and multi-vocal content to enable diverse dynamics of cultural representation.
The volume maps the entire process of a cross-disciplinary research to develop possible scenarios that can be translated not only as test verification of the theoretical investigations but also into the production of various experimental exhibition designs.

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